Thank you so much for considering donating your time and efforts to supporting Caras Alegres!
On this page you should find answers to some common questions, as well as tips to be a successful fundraiser. We look forward to working with you.


  • Can I raise funds for Caras Alegres?
    Definitely!  We would love to have you fundraise on our behalf.  We have many projects in need of support that you can choose from, or you can hold a general fundraise and donate everything you raise to help in a variety of ways at Caras Alegres!
  • What would be the first step?
    If you are interested in holding a fundraising event for us, please write to and let us know!  That way we are aware you are fundraising on our behalf, and can promote your event through our social media, as well as if any potential donors get in touch regarding your event.
  • Can my school/church/company organize an fundraising event for Caras Alegres?
    Yes!  If your school, place of worship, office, sports team, or other organization, wishes to raise money for Caras Alegres, there are many opportunities for events and campaigns.  Working within an already established team or community is a very effective way to fundraise, and you might even find lots of people who will want to help you out!
  • What are examples of fundraising events?
    You could hold a competition between different teams at work and see who can raise the most money, you could hold a charity concert or ask local business to donate for a charity auction.  Host a “Caras Alegres” potluck – try your hand at making some typical Guatemalan dishes, and ask everyone to bring a dish and a donation.  Have a charity sports game, with all ticket sales going towards the fundraising effort.  Turn your next garage sale into the opportunity to raise some money!  Set up a stand in your school or office with the story of Caras Alegres and ask for donations.  If you have an upcoming event – birthday, baby shower, retirement, etc, considering asking for donations in lieu of gifts.
  • How can I become a succesful fundraiser?
    Set a goal you’re working towards, for example $500 by the end of the month.  Send out regular updates, and if you reach your goal, try to hit the next level! Be sincere, and knowledgeable not only about Caras Alegres, but also why you are choosing to support this cause – get other people invested in the story. Be sure to download the Caras Alegres logos and pictures on this page to use in your campaign, to show you are connected with our cause.
    Share on social media!  Like our Facebook page, Instagram account and tag us when you talk about the event!  We will repost to gain further exposure.  If we have a newsletter going out at the time, we can also mention your event in our newsletter.  Ask your own organization or community to do the same! Say thank you 🙂
  • Do you accept in-kind donations?
    Depending on the item, we do accept in-kind donations.  Due to our location, in-kind donations are best if you are fundraising within Guatemala.  However, if you would like to ship the items to us at your own cost, we are happy to accept various items.

If you are interested in fundraising and donating goods or services, please get in touch at

Looking for some graphics to use for your event or fundraising media? Here are a couple logos and photos to get you started! If you would like more images, check out our Facebook page and Instagram account or give us a shout and we’d be happy to help!